• Indianapolis Water Makes Temporary Changes to Water Treatment

    January 27, 2011 No comments

    Veolia Water Indianapolis, LLC, the operator of Indianapolis Water, will temporarily change the type of chlorine used to disinfect the drinking water that is delivered to customers’ taps now through the end of February.

    The change is made on an annual basis for a routine cleaning of the system. The same process has been used by the utility for more than 20 years and is commonly used throughout the drinking water industry. Most importantly, drinking water continues to be safe to drink and continues to meet all water quality standards during this period. 

    Brownsburg Water Department treats and pumps on average 1.4 million gallons per day (MGD) from Brownsburg’s treatment plants and purchases approximately 1/2 MGD of water from Indianapolis Water. 

    Water Superintendent Mike Good notes that most Brownsburg customers won’t likely notice the change; however some who have more sensitive taste and smell may notice a temporary chlorine smell in their water.  

    Indianapolis Water indicates as a precaution, it may be prudent for persons undergoing dialysis treatment to contact their hospitals and/or local dialysis centers for appropriate treatment adjustments for free chlorine rather than chloramine usage. Local dialysis providers are being notified of the temporary change due to its potential impact to dialysis patients. 

    Customers with questions may contact the Indianapolis Water customer service department at 631-1531, or its water quality hotline at 710-1612.

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