• Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson Promotes Financial Readiness for Newlywed Couples

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    Secretary of State Connie Lawson announced today the release of the popular ‘Money Skills for Newlywed Couples’ just in time for Financial Literacy Month and the unofficial start of wedding season.

    The redesigned guide is full of up-to-date essential information to help couples gain a solid understanding of the importance of finances in married life.  The guide covers financial steps that need to be taken prior to the marriage; basics of budgeting and investing; tips for avoiding investment fraud; keys to purchasing a home; planning for a family; and saving for college.  Throughout the guide there are links to additional online sources for the various topics.

    “Indiana Investment Watch is dedicated to educating Hoosiers on personal finances and investing.  These topics are especially important for newlywed couples because they are already going through a lot of changes and do not need the added stress of disagreeing over money” said Secretary Lawson.  “These guides will walk couples through getting their finances in order and help them avoid disagreements down the road”.

    “These guides are great, not only for newlywed couples, but for all married couples or anyone planning on getting married soon.  Couples have so much going on that money often gets pushed to the side until things go wrong.  Financial struggles cause marital stress, and can sometimes lead to divorce.  It is much easier to learn how to make a budget and plan for the future now rather than waiting until it may be too late” said Chris Naylor, Indiana Securities Commissioner for the Secretary of State.

    The ‘Money Skills for Newlywed Couples’ guide will be available in a variety of locations including some county clerk offices, many places of worship, or directly from the office of the Indiana Secretary of State. 

    The guide is also downloadable in PDF form at http://www.in.gov/sos/securities/files/0865-1016_Newlywed_Couples_Booklet_No2_18.pdf.

     A portion of the funding of the development of the redesigned guide was provided by a grant from the Investor Protection Trust – www.investorprotection.org.

    About Indiana Investment Watch

    The Indiana Investment Watch program was created to increase financial literacy in Hoosiers and to educate them about the various types of securities and mortgage loan broker fraud.  The program is not funded by taxpayer dollars but rather by civil fines imposed upon violators of the Indiana Uniform Securities Act.

    For more information, please visit www.IndianaInvestmentWatch.com.

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