• Indiana counties short on cash go back to gravel roads

    March 01, 2012 1 comments

    Some Indiana counties short of cash for paving local roads are switching some roads to gravel to cut down on their maintenance costs.

    The Herald-Times reported that Brown County is shifting some of its asphalt-paved roads to gravel because it’s cheaper to maintain than asphalt.

    County highway Superintendent Smokey Presseau said his budget this year contains just $200,000 for road maintenance and repairs.

    Brown County has about 175 miles of asphalt county roads and about 200 miles of roads with gravel surfaces.

    Owen County has also switched some roads to gravel.

    Highway Superintendent Joe Pettijohn said his budget this year is $290,000, and that’s far short of what’s needed to make roads smooth and drivable.

    Pettijohn said three years ago, his budget was cut by $2 million.

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  • 1 Response to "Indiana counties short on cash go back to gravel roads"

    1. John Gootee 01 Mar 2012

      Going back to gravel roads is a great idea! Next, let’s go back to riding horses and living in caves! This is what wasteful government spending has done to our roads.

      Respectfully submitted…

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