• There are many ways to listen to XRB Radio! Below are some instructions to help you tune in:

    On your computer

    The easiest way to listen to XRB Radio is on your computer. From our website’s home page you can play our LIVE feed directly through the website, or select other listening options such as playing our LIVE feed through your favorite music player like iTunes, Window Media, or Winamp. Click HERE for instructions on how to set up our LIVE feed through your favorite music player. Another option you have through the website is to listen to some of our many archived shows and segments. That way if you miss a segment of your favorite show, you can listen to it later at your convenience.

    On your mobile phone

    On your iPhone

    You can get Radio Brownsburg directly 
transmitted to your iPhone by following these few simple steps.

    1. Go to your app store either on the iPhone or through iTunes
 and download a FREE app called SHOUTcast.
    2. Load it on your iPhone 3G or 3GS and
 boot it up. The first thing you’ll see are a bunch of radio formats.
    3. At the
 bottom of the app screen are selections starting from the left with “stations,” 
“favorites,” “recents,” and “search.” Tap on search and then tap on the search 
field until the keyboard comes up.
    4. In the search field type “radio Brownsburg”
then hit search.
    5. After connecting, there will be two choices for radio Brownsburg.
 You want the highest bit rate available. 

    6. Once you start hearing Radio Brownsburg you can make it one
 of your favorites by tapping the star in the upper right hand corner. Then you
 can go to your favorites anytime you want to listen to Radio Brownsburg.
    7. You can also go to your app store and download TuneIn Radio and search for Radio Brownsburg. Afterwards, save us to your favorites.

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