• Home security system catches Pittsboro thieves in the act

    September 21, 2011 No comments

    Police in Pittsboro have leads on two burglars, and it’s all because of home surveillance equipment that caught them in the act.

    And the homeowner has a warning to the burglars: Don’t come back!

    The homeowner actually got an email alert from his security system that he has set up inside his home. That message told him someone tripped a motion detector. He found his security cameras had caught the suspects on tape.

    Pittsboro resident Matt Schubert said of the full-color video of two strangers in his home, “We got pretty good shots of them,”

    The security camera captured the suspects as they were walking upstairs

    He said he’s not sure how long the two were inside his home, but it was time enough for them to steal jewelry out of the Schuberts’ master bathroom.

    The two suspects apparently forced their way in through a basement window. Schubert found shattered glass everywhere. That window is now boarded up, but on the other window there’s now a warning. Schubert calls it his DO NOT ENTER! sign, which he put up just in case the suspects decide to come back.

    The Pittsboro Police Department is continuing to investigate the case. Anyone with information, including a possible identification for either suspect, should call Lt. Roger Call at 317-745-4029.

    Matt Schubert has also created a Facebook page about the crime, hoping someone recognizes the two suspects before they strike again.

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