• Hendricks County schools fair well on ISTEP

    July 11, 2012 No comments

    It was a positive aura statewide when Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett released ISTEP scores for the 2011-12 school year. Hendricks County schools were front and center as both Brownsburg and Northwest Hendricks school corporations ranked in the top six in the state out of 293 districts for the percentage of students passing English and math.

    Bart Doan in today’s issue of the Hendricks County Flyer reports that the Brownsburg Community School Corporation saw 88.3 percent of its students passing both math and English, while NWH saw 88.2 percent do the same. Plainfield, Avon, and Mill Creek school corporations all saw passing percentages in both subjects north of 84 percent, at 85.2, 84.9, and 84.8 percents respectively. Danville schools saw a jump as well to a 74.3 percent pass rate on both.

    Brownsburg soared to fifth in the state

    Cardinal Elementary School in Brownsburg saw the largest gain in both subjects, coming in at a 10.7 percent gain from 2011, nearly twice better than any other individual school in the county other than Cascade Middle School, which showed a gain of just over 9 percent in terms of passing both subjects.

    Brentwood Elementary School in Plainfield led all individual schools in passing both subjects, seeing 95.2 percent of its students having success in both English and math.

    West Lafayette finished as the top school district in the state, edging out Carmel, who was best last year.

    For more information or a full breakdown of state ISTEP scores, as well as how each individual corporation fared, visit the website at www.in.gov/doe/istep.

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