• Hendricks County recognized as one of the state’s healthiest counties

    March 20, 2013 No comments

    The top three healthiest counties in Indiana are Hamilton followed by Hendricks and Boone, according to a study released today.

    Marion County ranks 79th out of the 92 counties. Scott County ranks in as the least healthy county in Indiana.

    This is according to a study from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that was released.

    Researchers say the type of restaurants you’ll find in each county plays a big role. One of the biggest things that separate the counties from the top of the list to the bottom is fast food restaurants.

    Each year, the foundation lists a number of different health factors like smoking, obesity, uninsured individuals, children living in poverty and the number of fast food restaurants available to people.

    Here is a look at the top county with the largest county and the least healthy county.

    Out of all the restaurants in Hamilton County: 51 percent are fast food. It’s 55 percent in Marion County and 68 percent in Scott County.

    According to the study, the state average is at 50 percent. Nationally, 27 percent of restaurants are fast food.

    Experts say there is a link from the amount of fast food restaurants to obesity. Hamilton County is at 22 percent, Hendricks at 34 percent, Boone 30 percent, Marion 30 percent and Scott at 29 percent.

    The state average is at 31 percent and nationally, at 25 percent, the study says.

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