• Hendricks County plans online auction for tax lien properties

    November 11, 2011 No comments

    Hendricks County commissioners hope to unload 111 properties they now own after they didn’t sell last month.

    The board approved a contract with SRI Incorporated to host an Internet auction for the properties Feb. 2 through the 13 next year. The minimum bid for each property is $49 and the sale will be found online through SRI’s website at sri-taxsale.com.

    Joseph Edwards, vice president of SRI, proposed the Internet auction as a way to get the properties back on the tax rolls. Most of them are vacant slivers of land or half-lots adjoining existing homes. In fact many homeowners use the land for things like gardens, even though they don’t actually own it.

    He added SRI will send a letter to adjacent property owners about the sale. While most probably wouldn’t be willing to spend $3,000 or more, as they would at a regular tax sale, “they might be willing to pay $50 or a hundred bucks for the certificate and then do the legal work,” Edwards said.

    He encouraged the commissioners to set a low minimum bid for each in the auction.

    Hendricks County has almost $511,500 in liens on these properties. Edwards is confident the government will be able to rid itself of many of them.

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