• Group shooting off fireworks lead to bust of crime ring

    June 28, 2012 No comments

    State Police and the Secret Service are investigating a crime ring, which was busted in Indianapolis.

    Police said the suspects probably would have gotten away with it if they hadn’t started setting off fireworks. Troopers who were patrolling I-465 near U.S. 40 when they saw people lighting off fireworks. They were initially trying to prevent a possible brush fire, when they discovered something completely different.

    Troopers started talking with the group of seven individuals who were staying at the hotel, and realized something wasn’t right because their stories didn’t match. By the time police finished searching the suspect’s three vehicles they found stacks of iPods and iPads, $3,000 worth of fireworks and more than 200 fraudulent gift cards.

    Police think the seven suspects used those cards to buy all of the merchandise and they were planning to take it to the east coast and sell all of it there.

    Police said three of the seven are from New York, three from Florida and one is from Pennsylvania. Investigators say this is part of a larger crime ring, and are now working with other agencies to investigate it farther.


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