• Giants band leader resigns under pressure

    March 08, 2012 No comments

    An 8-year veteran of Ben Davis High School who was facing termination has resigned.

    Band director John Papandria resigned Wednesday after learning the district was in the process of terminating his employment.

    The district said it began an investigation in recent days after receiving information that Papandria engaged in inappropriate communication with a student.

    According to the district, the investigation uncovered communication between Papandria and students that are not reflective of the expectations of the Metropolitan District of Wayne Township has for its staff.

    The district notified band students, parents and staff about the situation.

    Wednesday’s announcement comes just a week after the district informed parents that a former band teacher was arrested on allegations he seduced a teenager. Ben Davis said that employee, was paid by a booster club, not the school, but did work with students.

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