• From Indianapolis to Miami, Manning begins new chapter

    March 08, 2012 No comments

    At noon yesterday, Peyton Manning stood alongside Colts owner Jim Irsay in Indianapolis as the announcement was made that the Manning era in Indianapolis had come to a close. By that afternoon, Manning had already set foot in Florida as he contemplates the next chapter in his professional career.

    Manning’s arrival in South Florida drew the attention of local TV news helicopters and NFL fans everywhere.

    His private plane landed Wednesday afternoon at a small airport 30 minutes from the Miami Dolphins’ complex, but he then rode off in a different direction with the news media in pursuit.

    When his van reached Miami Beach, it pulled over in a church parking lot, and Manning emerged to tell reporters South Florida might not be his final destination.

    Manning has a condo there and has been working out with former Colts teammate Reggie Wayne, who lives in South Florida. Manning’s said he might not necessarily be Dolphins-bound.

    One TV station broadcast the interview live, even staying with the audio feed when the video turned shaky.

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