• Four facing forgery charges relating to the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary are told to provide samples

    May 22, 2012 No comments

    A former northern Indiana county Democratic chairman and three others have been ordered to provide handwriting samples to a special prosecutor investigating allegations of forged signatures being used on petitions to place Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the state’s 2008 presidential primary ballot.

    The South Bend Tribune reports St. Joseph Superior Court Judge John Marnocha granted the request Monday by special prosecutor Stanley Levco. Marnoca ordered Butch Morgan and three former workers in the county voter registration office to provide handwriting samples as well as samples of writing not prepared for litigation purposes.

    Morgan has denied any wrongdoing. He resigned in October following 16 years as county chairman after the South Bend Tribune and the Howey Politics Indiana newsletter reported they had found hundreds of questionable signatures.

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