• Flood damage closes Turkey Run suspension bridge

    May 05, 2013 No comments

    An April flood that caused significant structural damage to the suspension bridge at Turkey Run State Park has resulted in immediate closure of the bridge for public use.

    The bridge crosses Sugar Creek and connects the developed area of the park with the park’s northern section and its popular hiking trails through the sandstone canyons and forested area of Rocky Hollow Falls Canyon Nature Preserve.

    DNR staff is reviewing options to bring the bridge back to safe standards for public use.

    The suspension bridge was built in 1918; two years after Turkey Run became a state park.

    The 202-foot-long bridge is 4 feet wide and supported by steel cables nearly 2 inches in diameter. A 50-ton concrete tower on the south side of the bridge supports the cables.

    Visitors will still be able to access the north side of the park by following Trail 1 to the Narrows Covered Bridge. All trails south of Sugar Creek remain open to public use.

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