• Downtown Danville turns into giant putt-putt course

    April 03, 2013 No comments

    For those who may be used to playing golf in Danville, Twin Bridges is usually the site, but this unique annual Hendricks County event will transform Downtown Danville into a giant putt-putt course for two weeks of play.

    The Downtown Danville Partnership created Play-A-Round Downtown to give its businesses a chance to showcase themselves and participants an opportunity for some unique family fun April 1-13.

    “Early April was selected for two reasons—it coincides with The Masters golf tournament and it provides a unique recreational opportunity for those who haven’t left town on spring break. We want people to start thinking about getting out and gearing up for all the fun activities we have planned downtown,” said Cathy Foreman, committee chairperson for the event. “Last year was the first time we hosted Play-A-Round and everyone had so much fun that we decided to make it an annual event.”

    Play-A-Round Downtown is essentially a putt-putt course set up inside 24 participating businesses throughout Danville. It’s open to all ages for individual competition.

    The participating businesses include:


    • Amen Affordable Bakery
    • Beehive Market
    • Bread Basket Cafe
    • Carla’s Creations
    • CJ’s
    • Confection Delights
    • Court House Grounds
    • Danville Public Library
    • Danville Town Hall
    • Danville Veterinary Hospital
    • Diggity Dogs
    • Gallery on the Square
    • Furniture Outpost
    • Heat & Cool
    • Hendricks County Historical Museum
    • Jane’s on the Square
    • Junk in the Trunk
    • Locker Room
    • Mayberry Café
    • Royal Theatre
    • Safe Hiring Solutions
    • State Farm Insurance
    • Sycamore Printing
    • Visit Hendricks County


    Each participating location will design and name their own putt-putt hole. Many use items found in their stores like the Bread Basket Cafe who created a tunnel carved out of a loaf of bread. And some like the Danville Public Library used features inside their building to create a putt-putt hole that started on the second floor and finished on the first.

    Scorecards will list every participating location and can be picked up at most downtown business beginning Friday, March 29th. Play occurs during regular business hours for each location and completed scorecards can be dropped off at any participating location.

    All scorecards with at least 18 completed holes will go into a drawing for a $500 grand prize to be announced on April 15th. Participants 15 and under will be eligible for a $100 prize.

    The Downtown Danville Partnership works to develop, promote and sustain Danville’s Historic Courthouse Square as the county’s gathering place and its retail, civic, entertainment and government center. The Partnership works to make downtown enhancements a priority for the community, harnessing the strengths and talents of relevant organizations and individuals and promoting collaboration and enthusiasm among all sectors who work on and in downtown. For more information, check out the Partnership’s website at www.VisitDowntownDanville.com.

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