• Democratic gubernatorial candidate proposes eliminating Indiana’s gasoline sales tax

    April 26, 2012 No comments

    Democratic candidate for Governor John Gregg proposed eliminating the state sales tax on gasoline Wednesday. A move he said would put more money in the pockets of Hoosiers.

    The gas tax plan is a perennial proposal of legislative Democrats, but Gregg’s plan would go farther by eliminating the sales tax on gasoline permanently, not suspending it temporarily or reducing it. 

    Gregg said he’s convinced the plan would help Hoosiers who are hurting economically, and he’s convinced the state can afford it. 

    The Democrat said his plan would save the average Indiana family between $260 to $520 annually, depending on how much they drive.

    Gregg said his plan is better than the $178 they would get from Republican candidate Mike Pence’s plan to reduce the state income tax, a plan Gregg said would primarily benefit businesses.

    Gregg’s plan would cost the state $540 million a year, but he said he is convinced he could save more than that by instituting annual budget performance audits.

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