• Decision to be made next week on Brownsburg school scheduling

    October 07, 2011 No comments

    The Brownsburg Community School Corporation will decide Oct. 10 whether to accept a new balanced schedule or to proceed with the current model, as their community survey closed Friday.

    According to Donna Petraits, communication coordinator for the Brownsburg Community School Corporation, the survey has teetered around 75-76 percent in favor of going to a balanced schedule rather than keeping things status quo.

    A balanced schedule would essentially cut down the period of summer vacation time from 10 weeks to eight weeks, with those last two weeks of break sprinkled into the regular school year. School superintendent Jim Snapp noted that the amount of days children will be attending school does not change one bit.

    Petraits hopes those who have a strong opinion were able to voice it, and that parent and community concerns are always integral in making decisions like this. She said the meetings held about the issue were extremely well attended, and the survey has received a lot of attention. Still, she cautions that no decision has been made as staff wades through the information and all pros and cons of each side.

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