• Death in Hendricks County latest in West Nile Virus outbreak

    October 04, 2012 No comments

    There have been more confirmed cases of West Nile Virus in central Indiana and the constant rain is making the outbreak even worse.

    There have now been 61 cases of West Nile Virus confirmed in Indiana, including six people who died from the virus. Two deaths occurred in both Marion and Allen counties; one in Vanderburgh County and the latest is in Hendricks County.

    Of the 61 confirmed cases of West Nile Virus in the state, ten have been reported in Marion County, four in Hamilton and one each in Hendricks, Hancock and Johnson counties.

    The concern for mosquito control departments all over central Indiana is the mosquitoes infected with the virus are still biting. The reason infected mosquitoes are still thriving, experts say, is partially due to the drought.

    To make that point, Marion County found three times the number of West Nile Virus infected mosquitoes this year than in years past. The mosquito that carries the virus can survive the winter, they can be found in catch basins, foundations and basements any place warm and when the weather warms up, they come out biting.

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