• Danville to add surveillance cameras

    November 09, 2011 No comments

    The Danville town council approved buying a video surveillance package at its meeting on Monday.

    It includes four high-definition video cameras and a wireless server through the Danville Community Network. The total cost, including installation and a one-time licensing fee, is expected to be about $10,500. The money will come out of the town’s host fund.

    The vote was 3-1, with Councilman Mike Neilson voting no. He indicated that he’d rather use the money to give raises to town employees.

    The idea for video surveillance stems from the town having a skating rink downtown for two weeks this holiday season.

    Officials have had trouble with graffiti and other types of vandalism at places, including the Hendricks County Historical Museum and Ellis Park.

    The cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom, withstand temperatures down to minus 20 degrees, and automatically adjust between night and day. Bill Schaffer of the Danville Community Network told the council the cameras, which have a projected life span of five years, are capable of reading license plates up to 160 meters away and focusing on a walking person up to 400 meters away.

    Two cameras will monitor the skating rink starting Nov. 23. The other two will be installed at Ellis Park during Winter Wonderland. Since the town owns the surveillance system, officials will be able to move cameras wherever they deem they’re needed.

    The cameras are equipped with strong casing and will be installed high off the ground so as to be inaccessible by the public. Officials assigned to monitor them weren’t named, though it was suggested that police officers would be set up to receive automatic alerts through the system.

    In other town business, the council reached a consensus to not file litigation regarding construction of the town’s fiber optic network. Town Manager Gary Eakin would not comment on the issue other than to say that officials are experiencing problems with the connection at Henry Street. Other options to fix it are being explored, and Eakin said litigation would be a last resort. He added that they hope to have the wireless network ready in the “very near future.”

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