• Danville police officer injured in car crash

    January 26, 2012 No comments

    A Danville police officer was injured in a car crash Wednesday.

    Officials say Dane Morgan was in his patrol car just after noon, traveling westbound on Main Street near Hendricks Regional Health, when an elderly female driving eastbound turned left in front of him. Investigators say because of the proximity of both vehicles, Morgan was unable to avoid the collision.

    The officer reportedly lost consciousness for a brief period immediately following the accident. He is currently hospitalized at Hendricks Regional Hospital with complaints of pain to his neck, lower back, and chest along with tingling down both legs and numbness in his feet. The vehicle’s air bags were deployed in the collision. The other driver was not injured.

    Morgan was not on an emergency run at the time of the crash, and speed was not factor. A preliminary breath test administered at the hospital showed Morgan had zero alcohol in his system.

    The patrol car is determined to be a total loss. The Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department was requested to handle the accident investigation.

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