• Danville HS to replace textbooks with iPads

    June 10, 2011 No comments

    Traditional books are on their way out in one Hendricks County high school.

    This fall, parents in Danville will pay to rent iPads instead. Administrators say it could re-energize learning and cut costs at the same time.

    The school is getting 900 iPads at a cost of $500,000. Superintendent Denis Ward says his staff has found creative ways to move students into the information world.

    This is the third year the district has decided not to purchase new textbooks. Instead, they put the money towards new technology.

    Parents who opt in will pay a $30 technology fee three times a year. For students who qualify, the Indiana Department of Education will reimburse the school for electronic textbooks or iPads.

    An insurance plan is included in the $30 technology fee to replace a lost or damaged iPad. Repeat offenders will have to use a limited supply of textbooks.

    The district is also receiving a grant for energy conservation to help offset the cost.

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