• Danville High School’s iPad initiative shows signs of early success

    February 15, 2012 1 comments

    Officials at Danville High School only finished distributing iPads to its students and staff in November, and already new ideas have been put in to motion on ways to use the technology.

    In a story in today’s issue of The Hendricks County Flyer, Wade Coggeshall reports that the Danville Community School Corporation officials updated the school board at its Monday meeting about the iPad initiative. More than 900 of the devices were distributed to high school students and staff, as well as in other specialized areas, like testing, within the corporation.

    Lyle Messenger, director of special projects, said of their iPad supply only 2 percent has been lost, damaged, or stolen. Well below the initial projection of 5 percent.

    Some subjects are better suited to the technology than others. But Messenger noted the iPads are being used in unlikely areas, such as calorie counters in physical education. It’s applications like that which are prompting educators from as far away as South Korea to contact the Danville Community School Corporation about their iPad project, which was seeded by a Classroom Innovation Grant from the Indiana Department of Education.

    Danville is the first school corporation in the state to use the technology in its curriculum.

    Soon they’ll have even more tools at their disposal.

    Highlighted were three new projects associated with the iPad that are in the works. One is an e-library system that will allow students to check out electronic and audio books anytime, anywhere. Funded by a grant through the Library, Schools, and Technology Act, the e-library will be linked to the corporation’s website once they’re ready to go live with it.

    Another development is the iBook, which offers streaming video, note taking within the book, and the ability to highlight text that automatically creates flash cards for studying.

    As well, iTunes U will allow teachers to create their own online courses and communicate with students via social media-like applications.

    With such possibilities, officials hope to be able to offer iPads to junior and elementary students soon. Grant money for such an expansion is being sought.

  • 1 Response to "Danville High School’s iPad initiative shows signs of early success"

    1. Travis Cunningham 25 Feb 2012

      This was a waste of taxpayers money. The benefits of electronic textbooks are only ideas and Danville has not even implemented them. In a few years, these iPads are going to be outdated and tax payers will be forced to pay for new devices.

      Get some cheap E-readers if you are going the route of electronic textbooks because the iPad does not bring classroom benefits that are greater than those of the iPad… for now. The iPad would be great if there were applications that would help students learn, but right now, it seems as a waste of money. Although video streaming, note taking, highlighting, and flash card making is nice, I can still take notes about my book in one place on paper, I can still highlight my textbook, and I can still create flash cards. Stop wasting taxpayer money by reinventing the wheel.

      Technology should not be implemented if it is wasteful like this. Stop wasting tax payer money.

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