• Danville Community Schools Superintendent’s new contract based on school corporation’s performance

    June 25, 2012 1 comments

    The Danville Community school board has approved a new contract for Denis Ward, the school corporation’s superintendent. As with teachers’ pay now, it’s laden with incentives and based on performance.

    The school board presented background on the contract at its June meeting before unanimously approving it.

    The school board is adhering to Indiana House Bill 1205, which effective July 1 requires all superintendent contracts to be presented in a public meeting prior to approval. As well the legislation mandates, effective this next school year, that all teacher pay raises be based on individual performance and their students’ test scores.

    The school board decided to structure the superintendent’s new contract along the same lines. Ward’s previous contract didn’t expire until 2016, but he hadn’t received a raise in four years.

    His new base salary starting with the 2012-13 school year is $141,108, a nearly 7 percent increase from his previous contract. However, it includes allowances for his car and cell phone, which before were separate from the base salary. School board president Todd Cloncs said that adding the allowances to the base salary, which is the only part that’s public, adds transparency.

    Incentives will comprise up to 25 percent of Ward’s annual base salary. The corporation must receive an A grade in the Indiana Department of Education’s school accountability framework for 10 percent. It’s another 5 percent each for a “highly effective” rating in his evaluation and at least a break-even financial result for the school corporation. With standardized testing, 95 percent of the students must pass both the ISTEP+ and ECA tests for 5 percent of the base pay. If between 90 and 94.9 percent pass, it’s 2.5 percent.

    Ward will receive a 5 percent pay raise if the corporation hits the mark in all four of these categories. There’s no raise if none are achieved.

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    1. EL 23 Feb 2013

      The whole administration needs to be replaced. From housekeeping, clear up to Ward.

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