• Danville asks for voluntary water conservation

    July 25, 2011 No comments

    Add the town of Danville among the list of municipalities asking residents to voluntarily reduce their water usage for the time being.

    Water Superintendent Jim Russell told the town council at last Monday’s meeting that his operation is currently running on a limited supply. Water tower levels are 10 feet below normal and every pump has been running nonstop.

    Citizens are asked to only water their lawns every other day. Russell suggested homeowners with even-numbered addresses only use sprinklers on even-numbered days and those with odd-numbered addresses water on odd-numbered days.

    It doesn’t help that the town’s water supply is currently all coming from Indianapolis while it converts its treatment plant from an ozone to an aeration system. That move is expected to solve the odor and taste issues many residents have experienced with their water supply.

    Indianapolis has already issued a no-watering rule. Russell stopped short of requesting that. While he says voluntary reductions don’t often amount to much, he expects citizens to cut back on their usage after getting their next water bills, especially after the recent rate hikes.

    Officials have already caught one person stealing water from a fire hydrant. That individual paid restitution to avoid criminal charges. Russell encouraged residents to call police if they suspect such thefts. He added the Milestone company is contracted to check the town’s water meters.


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