• Daniels to make speech this afternoon on final year agenda

    December 16, 2011 No comments

    Gov. Mitch Daniels is plotting his final legislative course as governor.

    Daniels was set to lay out his plans in a Friday afternoon speech in Indianapolis. But the broad strokes are already well-known: He’s supporting “right-to-work” legislation and is

    seeking criminal sentencing and local government reforms.

    Since taking office in 2005, Daniels has put the state on daylight saving time, leased the Indiana Toll Road, removed collective bargaining rights for public workers and privatized

    delivery of the state’s welfare services.

    His most recent agenda included massive changes to the state education system and the establishment of an automatic taxpayer refund determined by the strength of the state’s fiscal position.

    Daniels is term-limited from seeking re-election next year.

    Lawmakers return for the 2012 session January 4.

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