• Controversial Kansas church plans protest at funeral of western Indiana Marine killed in Afghanistan

    June 07, 2012 No comments

    Members of a controversial church in Kansas are threatening to protest at the funeral of a Marine from Indiana who was killed in Afghanistan.

    The Topeka, Kan.-based Westboro Baptist Church said on its website that it will protest outside the memorial service for Lance Cpl. Joshua Witsman on Sunday. 

    Witsman was in Afghanistan for his second tour when he was killed. His body is set to arrive at an Illinois airport on Thursday and will be driven in a procession to Covington in western Indiana. 

    A public visitation is set for Friday afternoon at the Covington High School gym, with a funeral service set for 2 p.m. Sunday at the gym. 

    The church protests funerals and other events nationwide, often carrying incendiary signs, inflaming people at the funerals. 

    The church said in a news release proclaiming its plan to protest at Witsman’s funeral, “These soldiers are dying for the homosexual and other sins of America. Thank God for IEDs.”

    The church sometimes does not show up at the funerals it claims it will be at.

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