• Construction at I-74/I-465 interchange will challenge race traffic

    May 16, 2012 No comments

    Many people are heading out to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway sometime this week, and some will be facing a new cone zone that could be potentially confusing and more challenging than last year, thanks to construction work.

    The most important thing to know is that I-74 no longer ends at Crawfordsville Road.

    The former cloverleaf exit has been redesigned since last year’s race to provide safer, higher-speed ramps that connect I-74 to I-465. But until that work is done, drivers should consider the area on a “yellow flag” for getting to the Speedway from the north and west sides.

    Fans coming to the Speedway from Interstates 74 and 465 will both bypass around the former exit and end up in the same place – at U.S. 136. That’s where to expect the slow downs. And if you’re coming northbound from 21st street to Crawfordsville Road, you may get caught up in that too.

    INDOT has placed signs along the routes to guide drivers.

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