• Colts will not take advantage of new NFL blackout rules

    July 11, 2012 No comments

    The Indianapolis Colts have a new front office, new coaches and a new quarterback, but they’ll be playing by the old NFL TV blackout rules.

    This year, the NFL is allowing teams to lift the local, TV blackout where only 85 percent of the game tickets are sold. But teams that agree to that rule also must give up 50 percent of the money from every ticket sold to the NFL’s “visiting team pool.” 

    The pool is then split among every NFL team. Teams who have sold-out stadiums, or don’t want to take advantage of the new policy, only contribute 34 percent to the pool. 

    The revenue lost should the Colts adopt the new rule would be in the millions of dollars they estimate. A figure the team says is too large for them to adopt. 

    Currently, the Colts have sold 96 percent of their season tickets leaving roughly 2,000 tickets to be sold. Colts officials believe that those season tickets that aren’t sold by the start of the season will sell-out after they become single-game tickets. 

    There are a few NFL teams that are expected to take advantage of the new rule to allow local, live, TV coverage of their games at the risk of paying extra to the league’s pool. Clubs must notify the NFL of their intentions by Sunday.

    The Colts will open training camp July 29 at Anderson University. Their first preseason game is August 12 against the St. Louis Rams.

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