• Challenges against primary candidates to be heard Friday

    February 21, 2012 No comments

    The Indiana Secretary of State has announced that forty-eight challenges in opposition to candidates seeking ballot placement for the May 2012 Primary Election have been logged with the Indiana Election Division. Challenged presidential primary candidates include Democrat President Barack Obama and Republicans Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Other candidates challenged include incumbent U.S. Senate candidate Richard Lugar (R), and Republican gubernatorial candidates Mike Pence and Jim Wallace. Two lesser known candidates for president, Patricia Inez Sandifer (R), Lafayette, Indiana, and Mark Callahan (D), Eugene, Oregon, have also been challenged. 

    The bipartisan Indiana Election Commission will consider and likely rule on the challenges when it convenes this Friday morning at the state house. The four-member Indiana Election Commission consists of two Democrats and two Republicans appointed by the governor upon recommendation of the state chairman of each political party.

    Candidates may be challenged on several grounds including constitutional and statutory eligibility requirements such as age, citizenship and residency, formal requirements for filing declaration of candidacy, and submission of the minimum number of certified petition signatures for offices which require petitions. The Election Commission is also scheduled to hear challenges to the filings of five candidates for seats in the Indiana House of Representatives.

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