• Brownsburg’s comprehensive plan receives full council approval

    July 30, 2012 No comments

    By unanimous vote, the Brownsburg Town Council approved the much-talked-about 2020 comprehensive plan, a document that is intended to shape and give implementation ideas to the town going forward. It’s a process that began in 2011 and culminated at a meeting Thursday evening.

    In an article by Bart Doan in The Hendricks County Flyer, he reports that the comprehensive plan focuses on the existing conditions in town, the demographics, market analysis, and community knowledge in coordination with how to develop the town going forward. It includes market analysis, potential land use, traffic policies, and revitalization, as well as recommendation for public facilities.

    Brownsburg town planning director Todd Barker said the plan is a “Where do we want to go and how do we get there?”

    Barker said, “One of the key elements of the comprehensive plan is that it’s market based. The market analysis is everywhere from retail, industrial, office, and residential. Understanding what we have today and the visual preference is included as part of the plan as well.

    He also pointed out one of the main achievements of the comprehensive plan was the implementation aspect of it and system of checks and balances that will occur annually.

    A copy of the comprehensive plan can be downloaded on the town’s website at www.brownsburg.org.

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