• Brownsburg’s Challenger Center’s mission continues even after shuttle program ends

    July 08, 2011 No comments

    With the close of the space shuttle program comes some unanswered questions right here in Brownsburg.

    Brownburg is the home of one of the two Central Indiana “Challenger Centers” that have walked a generation of kids through its doors to learn about the shuttle program. Even though the shuttle program is coming to an end, these centers will continue their space-related missions.

    They were founded three months after seven astronauts lost their lives when the Challenger shuttle exploded during takeoff in January 1986. Those astronauts’ families wanted to honor their loved one’s memories and to inspire the next generation of space explorers.

    Those who run the Challenger Center of Indianapolis say this is a bittersweet day, but one they knew would eventually come, when the shuttle program has its final mission. But their work isn’t over.

    The 25th anniversary of the Challenger tragedy was marked in January. In April, the 25th anniversary of Challenger Learning Centers was celebrated. Nationwide they have educated some 4 million children and adults about space exploration, critical thinking and team work.


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