• Brownsburg town council presented with the 2013 town budget

    August 30, 2012 No comments

    In a meeting Tuesday night the Brownsburg Town staff and Town Council started the process to prepare and approve the 2013 budget. The proposed budget will be carefully reviewed, examined, and balanced by Town officials within the context of important priorities competing for limited funds. To stretch each dollar, the Town continues to search for and implement additional savings and efficiencies to ensure proper use of every taxpayer dollar. 

    The proposed 2013 budget totals $40M across all funds. This is a slight decrease as compared to the 2012 budget. While the General Fund will see a budget decrease, other funds, such as the EDIT and the utility funds, will see modest increases. These increases address infrastructure projects that are programmed for the coming fiscal year.

    The portion of the budget derived by property tax revenue includes the General Fund, Motor Vehicle Highway (MVH) Fund, Building Debt Fund, and the Cumulative Capital Development (CCD) Fund. Approximately one-fourth of the annual property tax paid by a homeowner goes to the Town of Brownsburg to fund these four operating funds. The remaining three-fourths is a revenue stream for other agencies such as the county, library, fire territory, and school district.

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