• Brownsburg Town Council Get An Earful From Murphy Meadows Residents

    August 27, 2010 No comments

    At last nights Brownsburg town council meeting, several citizens spoke up at the podium to talk about Murphy Meadows – a small part of Brownsburg with several sections of the streets in pieces and sidewalks that are virtually non existent.

    Residents there say they are forced to walk in the street most times. That includes neighbors who have walkers or wheelchairs. The residents speaking at the meeting produced pictures of some of the damaged areas as well as some residents being forced to travel in the street as opposed to the sidewalks.

    In response, Town Manager Dale Cheatham said an engineering study is almost done and he should have an update for the residents of by the Sept. 23rd Town Council meeting. Cheatham said early street repair estimates for Murphy Meadows are near 3.5 million dollars.

    Town Council President Matt Bowels was absent. Vice President Bill Sibbing presided in Bowels place. Therefore there will be no “Plain Speaking” show this Saturday on XRB.

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