• Brownsburg street department adds money saving equipment

    December 19, 2011 No comments

    The Town of Brownsburg’s street department has obtained a new piece of equipment that will save the Town both money and time on potholes and pavement repairs.

    The Total Patcher machine will be used to repair potholes and other road imperfections, as well as street repairs after small excavation projects, alligator cracking, large cracks, and shoulder repairs. The Total Patcher has on board all of the needed materials and equipment, making the repair process much quicker for workers to complete.

    The Town’s previous method of roadway repair required two trucks, one hot box, one roller, one compactor and at least three workers. The new method requires only one truck, the Total Patcher and only two workers. The machine’s three-step process also results in a more permanent repair than the old approach to filling potholes, and results in a considerable cost savings.

    The repairs will look different, but as with most road repairs, drivers may still notice small rocks being picked up by car tires when driving over a new patch. For any questions regarding this new piece of equipment or any other Street Department issues, call 852-1113 or visit www.brownsburg.org.

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