• Brownsburg Schools state their compliance with town watering ban

    July 19, 2012 No comments

    In response to the Town of Brownsburg’s recently enacted mandatory ban on watering, the Brownsburg Community School Corporation (BCSC) has released a statement saying that the school corporation is deeply concerned with the current drought conditions and is cooperating fully with the Town of Brownsburg regarding the water emergency.  The only irrigation taking place on Brownsburg Community School Corporation campuses is currently exempted by the Town ban (http://www.brownsburg.org/egov/docs/1342118646355.htm ).   

    As of July 16 the water emergency exempts, among several other entities, “Brownsburg School’s in-season athletic fields” for reasons of student safety. The current IHSAA “in-season” sports are football and soccer; these are the only fields currently being irrigated. The high school football fields are on the public water system, while the high school soccer and all middle school fields are served by private wells.  The press release went on to say that regardless of the water source, the Brownsburg Community School Corporation is operating all school irrigation systems in compliance with the Town’s water restrictions.

     Rather than irrigate an entire field all at once, BCSC fields are being irrigated in sections. The system is engineered to move at regular intervals to a different section of the field. In addition, at the request of the Town Water Department, BCSC is moving its irrigation schedule to night hours when demand and evaporation are lower.

    In the release it is stated that most BCSC athletic fields are irrigated via private wells, although the school corporation recognizes that all water, whether from the public system or a private well, is originating from a common aquifer source. As conditions develop, BCSC will continue to cooperate with all requests from the Town Water Dept. concerning water usage.

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