• Brownsburg Recognized with Excellence in GIS Award

    March 11, 2011 No comments

    The Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC) presented its Excellence in GIS Award to the Town of Brownsburg for implementing a new interactive tool that allows both Town personnel and the public access to County information, public records, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) online.

    The IGIC Excellence in GIS Award recognizes creative and practical applications of GIS and projects that exemplify how GIS is being implemented, managed and expanded to improve services for Indiana’s citizens.

    In 2010, Brownsburg joined Hendricks County and the towns of Avon and Plainfield in using the Beacon site from The Schneider Corporation. The user-friendly web application consolidates searches of multiple sites into just one query, making information generated from local government databases easily accessible to the public. Brownsburg’s Beacon portal features detailed infrastructure and public works information, including the location of streets, utility and sewer facilities. Users can also view an interactive map of the County’s GIS data and aerial photography and collect specific parcel information.

    Brownsburg Town Manager Dale Cheatham said. “The Town of Brownsburg’s data was all in CAD files and paper maps which we couldn’t overlay geographically or use with county, state, and federal data sources to help us make zoning, transportation, and other infrastructure decisions,” “Integrating the information into Beacon saves the Town staff time and money by having relevant information at our fingertips, and will help Town Council make land use and infrastructure investment decisions. It also gives us a framework to capture future developments, track new projects, and to communicate new information to the public.”

    The Town can now share data between its departments and with the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sharing the Beacon site among four jurisdictions makes richer data available to taxpayers at a lower cost than if any of one of the local agencies purchased it alone.

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