• Brownsburg Police warn of scams

    May 10, 2011 No comments

    The Brownsburg Police Department Investigations Division has reported that they are experiencing an increase of victims of various scams.

    Brownsburg residents have reported that they have been contacted by unknown individuals/suspects stating that they are with various organizations and advising their victims that they have won a large amount of money. The suspects then require that the victim send them money prior to their being able to receive the winnings. These monies are usually being sent outside of the United States.

    However, there are times that the monies remain within the United States and sent to another state. The money is typically sent by the victim and then the victim never receives the winnings.

    The second trend that the BPD Investigations has observed is very common on the Internet. Victims are reporting that they are being contacted via e-mail correspondence and requested to cash a check for a named amount of money. The victim is told that they will be allowed to keep a certain amount for their trouble, but is told to send the remainder of the money to a said location. This is common amongst those who have advertised something for sale on a website. These suspects usually will initiate the contact. The check is not a legitimate check and will either be denied at the time of deposit or be found to be fraudulent at a later date.

    The Brownsburg Police Department Investigations Division wants their residents to understand these practices and use caution when dealing with these types of situations. They are not legitimate organizations and/or operations of business.

    If you are contacted by one of these organizations please do not give out any personal information, including banking or credit information and discontinue correspondence with these individuals.

    All citizens are encouraged to check the following websites if they question any legitimacy of a business or its practices.

    Federal Trade Commission

    Bureau of Consumer Protection


    Better Business Bureau


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