• Brownsburg now bigger with East Annexation

    November 01, 2011 No comments

    The Town of Brownsburg’s annexation of 140 parcels contiguous to its east boundary became effective October 27, increasing the Town’s size by about one-third.

    The area commonly known as the Brownsburg East Annexation measures approximately 2,143 acres and includes the Ronald Reagan/I-74 corridor and Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis. It includes sections of 56th Street, Raceway Road, County Roads 300N, 400N, 900E, 1000E and Ronald Reagan Parkway. 

    The annexation will help the Town control its growth and plan for future delivery of municipal services. Brownsburg’s comprehensive plan will include small area plans that take into account the long-term value of the Brownsburg East Annexation properties when it comes to potential development and land use.

    Brownsburg town manager Dale Cheatham said, “The Brownsburg East Annexation area is primarily agricultural now, but the Town is an advocate for finalizing the Ronald Reagan Parkway project. Development of the Ronald Reagan/I-74 corridor should allow the Town to diversify its future tax base and help those owners get the most economic benefit for their properties.”

    As part of the annexation, the Brownsburg Town Council adopted new zoning for the area including the addition of a Regional Outdoor Entertainment zoning district for Lucas Oil Raceway.

    “Brownsburg has become home to many of the teams that compete at Lucas Oil Raceway during the year including NHRA, USAC and the ARA,” said Wes Collier, general manager of Lucas Oil Raceway. “Being part of a community that embraces racing and understands the positive economic impact the industry has on the area is something we are looking forward to.”

    Indiana law requires the Town to provide services including police and fire protection, road maintenance, and water and stormwater drainage to the area. All residents living within the annexed territory may now vote for Town of Brownsburg elected offices and are eligible to run for Town elected offices.

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