• Brownsburg chamber prevails in Duncan case

    October 04, 2011 No comments

    Walt Duncan, the former executive director of the Brownsburg Chamber of Commerce, is not due any further compensation from his former employer, according to a judgment rendered by Hendricks Superior Court Senior Judge Mary Lee Comer.

    Duncan resigned on March 19, 2010, later recanted and said he was fired illegally and owed severance of nearly $100,000. But, according to testimony and Comer’s findings, the chamber board approved Duncan’s dismissal allowing him 30 days. Following the dismissal, Duncan was given the option to resign. In a letter dated March 19, Duncan submitted his resignation allowing for a three-week vacation.

    Duncan testified that he received more than $15,000 for 2010 before leaving his post. Judge Comer figured out that his pay was slightly less. She also found that the contract did not guarantee any severance package and that the Brownsburg Chamber Board legally opted not to give any.

    Duncan’s attorney, Ed Hannon of “Steuerwald Hannon Zielinski & Witham”, said his client is appealing the decision.

    “I’ve been very confident with the legal position Mr. Duncan has in this matter since he first came to me,” Hannon said. “I was surprised by the ruling and I’m engaged in discussions with Mr. Duncan about appealing the decision.”

    Hannon adds that Duncan’s position remains that the chamber breached the contract by terminating him without 30 days written notice.

    “I still feel very good about those issues,” Hannon added, “obviously, the judge disagrees with me.”

    Apparently, there was a contentious atmosphere between Duncan and his board for quite some time. Matt Dumas, attorney representing the Brownsburg Chamber, argued that a letter from September 2009 qualified as a letter of termination, but was never acted upon. He argued that the letter fulfilled part of the requirements for dissolving the contract.

    Duncan was unavailable for comment.

    Article courtesy of “The Hendricks County Business Leader”.

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