• Brownsburg announces plans to annex more than 4,500 acres

    March 08, 2013 No comments

    At a special meeting Thursday, Brownsburg Town Council moved to pursue the annexation of nearly 1,200 unincorporated parcels contiguous to the municipality’s northern corporate limit, a move local officials believe will support orderly growth for the Town and improve efficiencies in the delivery of its services.

    Notices are being sent via certified mail today to landowners in the proposed Brownsburg North Annexation area, which encompasses nearly 4,500 acres including the Highland Green, Highland Springs, Winridge and Eaker subdivisions and bordering properties. The proposed annexation would increase the Town’s population by 3,000 residents and add approximately $273 million in assessed value.

    By annexing the defined area, the Town of Brownsburg will better be able to plan for and manage the community’s future growth and development. Bringing the area into town limits will allow the municipality to design key infrastructure projects, such as transportation, water and sewer improvements that will lead to better and more managed growth.

    The council also moved to proceed with annexation of four smaller areas located in the southeastern portion of the Town defined as the Northfield at Wynne Farms, Hart-Anderson, Magee, and Ward annexation territories.
    Brownsburg Town Manager Grant Kleinhenz said, “This proposal helps secure our community’s future and partially realizes the vision of the Consolidation plan presented in 2012. We know that Brownsburg is a place where companies want to locate and people want to live, as evidenced by the economic development success we have seen over the past few years. Bringing the proposed annexation area into the Town enables us to continue growing, with deliberate planning and zoning to make sure developments best reflect the character of Brownsburg and the interests of its residents.”

    Brownsburg Town Council President Dwayne Sawyer said, “The motivation behind this annexation is to improve the quality of life for local residents in the long term. We want to emphasize how this effort is mutually beneficial for both the Town and the landowners in the annexation areas.

    “We anticipate that residents will have questions, concerns and potentially, objections about annexation. Town leaders have placed a big emphasis on government transparency, and our goal is to make available as much information as we can on how residents in the proposed annexation areas will be affected and what municipal services will benefit them.”

    The Town of Brownsburg’s website, www.brownsburg.org, offers details about the proposed annexation, including fiscal plans, maps of the areas, Brownsburg North Annexation financial impact scenarios, and answers to frequently asked questions. The fiscal plans outlining the costs associated with the proposed annexations are available on the website or in the Town Manager’s office at Town Hall, 61 N. Green Street.

    A public hearing will be held in May, and there will be a number of opportunities for public comment throughout the process. Interested individuals may sign up for the Brownsburg North Annexation e-newsletter, follow @BrownsburgIN on Twitter, or like the Facebook.com/TownOfBrownsburg page for timely updates.


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