• Brownsburg and Avon Reach Annexation Agreement

    January 26, 2011 No comments

    On January 17, 2011, the Town of  Brownsburg initiated a lawsuit against the Town of Avon in Hendricks  County Superior Court to protect and defend Brownsburg’s efforts for  expansion and development in Lincoln Township, including its  reorganization efforts with Brown and Lincoln townships under the  Government Modernization Act to explore providing more efficient and  cost effective government services to the citizens.

    After much time and effort, Brownsburg and Avon have reached a mutually  amicable resolution and developed a plan for orderly and harmonious  growth relating to annexation efforts in Lincoln and Washington  townships which serves the interest of the citizens of both Towns.  On  Monday, January 24, 2011, both Towns convened special council meetings  and adopted substantially identical resolutions approving an Interlocal  Cooperation Agreement which sets forth the development plan.

    Brownsburg believes that the resolution with Avon is a positive step to  try to ensure expectations relating to future development and planning  for both communities.  Brownsburg Town Manager Dale Cheatham said, “Our  Consolidation Committee has been working diligently since August to  develop a reorganization plan. I am pleased that the municipalities were  able to come to an agreement regarding future growth and annexation. We  look forward to fostering a cooperative relationship with Avon Town  officials.”

    Brownsburg and Avon agree that continued growth of closely neighboring  municipalities presents a unique set of challenges to overcome and that  open communications regarding those challenges and deliberate planning  is in the best interest of those involved.

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