• Bosma uses sweet treat to make his feelings known

    February 23, 2012 No comments

    After controversial remarks by one Republican lawmaker attacking Girl Scouts as a radical group that supports abortion, House Speaker Brian Bosma made his feelings clear Tuesday, by passing out Girl Scout Cookies.

    Bosma, R-Indianapolis, offered Girl Scout cookies throughout the day and munched them as he presided over the House.

    It was a snack prompted by state Rep. Bob Morris, a Fort Wayne Republican who recently sent an email to fellow GOP lawmakers explaining why he had been the lone lawmaker opposing a resolution honoring the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts.

    In his email, Morris said he had done “a small amount of web-based research” and had concluded the Girl Scouts was linked to Planned Parenthood — something both the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood deny.

    Morris said that liberal Girl Scout leaders “indoctrinate” girls with Planned Parenthood principles and that the Scouts tout 50 role models, all but three of whom he said are “feminists, lesbians or Communists.”

    However, Deana Potterf, director of communications for Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, said issues regarding homosexuality, abortion and sex raised by theIndianalawmaker are not issues addressed by the Girl Scouts.

    Morris stated he will continue to defend his comments as something he feels deeply about — so deeply that he had pulled his own two daughters from their Girl Scout troop.

    Bosma clearly wanted people to know he didn’t share Morris’ views.

    At one point Tuesday, he told House colleagues he had “purchased 278 cases of Girl Scout cookies in the last 48 hours.”

    And when time came for the House to adjourn, he asked all lawmakers who had been Girl Scouts — and seemingly every female legislator stood — to give the daily motion to adjourn.

    As he left the House, Bosma was dismissive of the controversy: “I’ve been to the carnival before, and you don’t walk in to every sideshow tent.”


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