• Bomb threat leads to tighter security at Mooresville High School

    September 28, 2012 No comments

    A bomb threat was discovered at Mooresville High School on Thursday.

    The threat was found in a bathroom. It was a picture, drawn in pencil, of a bomb with Friday’s date, Sept. 28, indicated.

    School officials immediately called police and alerted parents, with a message that reads, in part, “The disruption of our educational day and a threat upon the safety of our students is a very serious matter. We will make every effort to keep our school community informed as more information becomes available.”

    The Mooresville Police Department said that bomb sniffing dogs searched several times inside the school overnight last night in to this morning but turned up nothing.

    Police are also reviewing security footage taken from several cameras inside the school.

    If a student is responsible, Mooresville’s Chief Communications Officer, Susan Haynes, said that student could face expulsion.

    Meanwhile, security officers will be at the high school on Friday.

    This isn’t the first time this week something like this has happened in Mooresville.

    On Wednesday, students were also under extra security after one student threatened another on social media.

    The exact threat is not known, but the student who made the threat in that instance has been suspended.

    Anyone with information about the latest threat is urged to call the Mooresville Police Department at (317) 831-3434.


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