• Bob Jenkins clarifies his retirement announcement and continues the “Flashback Party” on XRB!

    May 30, 2012 1 comments

    On Friday during Carb Day, Indy Car television announcer Bob Jenkins announced that he had decided to retire from television at the end of this season after tne Fontana race in September. He said several reasons have let to the decision, but mostly it was his wife’s serious health issues. He also said he feels “It’s just the right time”. XRB spoke with Bob yesterday afternoon and he had this to day:

    “Originally the report was that I was retiring at the end of May, but that is not true. I will continue until the middle of September. Another thing I think people have been confused about is that I hope to never to have to retire from the Speedway. I plan on doing the public address work as much as the Holman George family will allow me. From that respect I’m not retiring, but I will be retiring from television where I have been for the last 34 years, in the middle of September.”

    Jenkins says he and his wife are temporarily relocating to be closer to where his wife is taking Proton Radiation therapy. He wants to thank everyone for the kind words that have been sent to his family since making the announcement. Right now he plans to spend all his free time in the next few weeks devoted to my wife of 44 years. Bob also said he will continue doing the “50’s Flashback Party” show Mondays right here exclusively on XRB. We will have the entire interview with Bob on this week’s “Community Focus” this Friday at 12:15pm

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  • 1 Response to "Bob Jenkins clarifies his retirement announcement and continues the “Flashback Party” on XRB!"

    1. Fran Foderaro 01 Sep 2012

      My thoughts and prayers are with your wife and for you also. First as a loving husband and also as one of televisions greatests announcers that I personally have always felt since the first time I saw you more than 25 years ago.
      Stay strong and a hug for your wife. Take care good friend and God Bless.

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