• Boaters Warned of Dropping Water Levels

    July 03, 2012 No comments

    Indiana Conservation Officers are warning boaters to use caution over the 4th of July Holiday season due to rapidly dropping water levels at Geist and Morse Reservoirs. Extended drought conditions, combined with water supply withdrawal, have resulted in water levels that are significantly lower than normal. For example, Morse Reservoir, a popular reservoir in Hamilton County, is currently 4 feet below normal pool. 

    Hamilton County Conservation Officer John Gano received reports from several boaters on Morse who ran aground over the past week. Officer Gano stated it is important for boaters to realize that conditions can change rapidly from day to day, and that as water levels drop many additional hazards can surface, such as stumps, rock piles, and sand bars. He added that boaters should use more caution when approaching shorelines, and need to give a wide berth when rounding points and when encountering objects marked with danger buoys.

    If boaters use diligence and caution during dropping water levels, everyone should have a safe, fun boating experience over the 4th of July Holiday.


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