• Boat runs aground at Morse Reservoir

    July 17, 2012 No comments

    Water levels are several feet below normal at Morse Reservoir, and despite warnings from Indiana conservation officers, they caught one boater off guard Sunday.

    Police say Jeff Clinton of Noblesville was operating a 19-foot ski boat and towing a family member when the boat ran aground near Morse Park and Beach.

    The inboard boat propeller was apparently shoved into the hull of the boat upon impact with the lake bottom, causing a large hole.

    Clinton told officers he was unaware of the hidden hazard just below the water that he normally crossed without restriction. Officers helped him free the boat, and get it to a marina for repair.

    Damage is estimated at $5,000.

    Conservation officers say as the water level continues to decrease, new hazards are appearing near the surface throughout the lake. They’re asking boaters to use more caution than normal at Morse Reservoir and surrounding lakes and rivers until the water returns to normal pool.

    It is always important to wear life jackets while boating and especially important during low water.

    In related news, the low water has caused officials to close Morse Beach in Noblesville. The beach will be closed for the remainder of the season.

    The beach was supposed to be open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Aug. 14, and on weekends through Labor Day. With already-low water levels still receding, officials decided to close the beach early.


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