• Bicentennial Nature Trust grant awarded to B&O Trail

    October 01, 2012 No comments

    Buoyed by a new Bicentennial Nature Trust grant, the B&O Trail is back on the expansion path. The funds will be used to connect what right now is the trail’s biggest gap, which is near the tunnel under Ronald Reagan Parkway connecting Brownsburg and Avon.

    As reported by The Hendricks County Flyer in a story by Bart Doan, the Bicentennial Nature Trust was announced earlier this year in Gov. Mitch Daniels’ State of the State address and is a summation of $20 million to be used for conservation projects in every corner of the state. There were 14 applicants and the B&O Trails Association was one of 12 who were accepted.

    The grant will be used to connect the mile gap just outside the tunnel to County Road 300 North and then another 3/4 of a mile west.

    The group received $155,950, which officials say is about half of what they need. They will independently raise the rest.

    Officials say the Nature Trust can be applied for quarterly, until all of the money designated to be given is gone. No application can exceed $300,000.

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