• BFT introduces life-saving protocol

    February 06, 2013 No comments

    Bart Doan of the Hendricks County Flyer reports that a potentially major life-saving protocol was added to Hendricks County recently that will essentially allow the operating room to come to an emergency scene.

    The Brownsburg Fire Territory is the first department in the county to acquire what is called the Rapid Sequence Airway protocol. The protocol will allow emergency personnel to use a neuromuscular blocking agent to help facilitate breathing in people with serious head trauma or other maladies that make securing an airway difficult.

    The paralytic agent wears off after about 30 minutes, but because patients cannot physically let medics know that they’re regaining feeling in their muscles, they continue to be sedated in order to ease discomfort.

    Brownsburg Fire Territory Fire Chief William Brown said it’s a pilot program in Brownsburg, but he hopes it can prove useful and expand to other areas within the year.

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