• BCSC issues statement regarding incident at East Middle School

    November 25, 2011 No comments

    The Brownsburg Community School Corporation worked to clear up the specifics of an incident that happened around dismissal time on Nov. 16 at East Middle School as students were loading the buses.

    As reported in today’s Hendricks County Flyer, communications coordinator for the Brownsburg Community School Corporation Donna Petraits said that school police were called to the school to transport a student for his own safety.

    At that point, because the student did not want to cooperate, police were forced to chase, subdue, and cuff the student because of resistance. There were no other students involved in the incident.

    Petraits said,”Unfortunately, it happened around dismissal time when kids were already on buses, some from West Middle School.”

    From there, rumors popped up on Facebook, as some students took photographs from their cellular phones. The BCSC administration wants it to be made known that it is a violation of the student’s privacy to post those pictures online, and that having a cellular phone turned on while on the bus is also a violation of school policy.

    An e-mail sent to staff tried to make sense of what happened:

    ”It was necessary for Brownsburg Community School Corporation police to transport a reluctant EMS student. At no time during the incident were other students involved. In fact, all other students were asked to remain inside the school building until the situation was resolved. This was not a violent situation, there were no weapons, nor were any students ever in any danger.”

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