• Avon will follow through with their Southwest Township Annexation

    April 23, 2012 No comments

    Avon has annexed an area near the Washington and Guilford Township lines, agreeing to adopt Ordinance 2012-1 for the Southwest Township Annexation.

    In a story in the Hendricks County Flyer, they report that the council agreed by a vote of 3-2 to annex the area just north of County Road 300 South and west of County Road 625 East.

    One of the negative votes came from Dave Jackson, who was hoping that the council would table the topic.

    However, Dan Taylor, Avon legal counsel, advised against this idea.

    Taylor said, ”The reason that I have said that you don’t want to wait forever is because if another municipality comes along and files an involuntary, whoever adopts their ordinance first, wins

    He added that if they did not adopt the ordinance, litigation could be filed to prevent the annexation if Plainfield decided to go in that direction. This is a situation that the town was not unfamiliar with.

    Avon once attempted to pursue the property surrounding the old Speedway Airport in January of 2011. Avon and Plainfield agreed to an interlocal agreement that they wouldn’t annex into each other’s townships.

    Though Plainfield did not pursue this measure, Taylor just informed the council that it was the risk that they would be taking. He said that they have filed litigation in the past to stop an annexation, however.

    Another concern was about a tax increase for residents in the area. Agricultural areas within the area received letters for a tax abatement.

    Avon town manager Tom Klein said that this would not affect these properties until the assessment next March, payable for 2014. This allows other property owners time to sign the petition.

    Mike Rogers, council president, said that they offered an agreement to the three surrounding communities to establish annexation boundaries. He said that every one of them turned them down.

    In reference to the lack of community input, Bev Austin, council member, pointed out that they hosted 10 open houses to answer questions and field concerns about the annexation.

    The annexation will take place 90 days from the date of the ordinance’s publication.

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