• Avon prepares to close intersection for a new roundabout project

    September 16, 2011 No comments

    Avon town officials will soon close the intersection of County Road 200 North and Dan Jones Road to install a fourth roundabout along Dan Jones.

    Rieth-Riley was awarded the bid to construct the roundabout and that the project is expected to cost $1.1 million. Avon received federal funding with an 80-20 local match.

    Advance notice signs of the road closing were to be posted this week with construction beginning as early as Sept. 19. Town officials expect to close the intersection on Sept. 26 for period of about 60 days.

    The timing for the project is due to a detour which is State Road 267 and County Road 100 North.

    Avon Public Works Director Ryan Cannon said, ”It’s necessary to do this now because they will be getting the construction going at (S.R.) 267 and (C.R.) 100 North. The closures will happen next year. We want to get this built so that it can be a detour for (S.R.) 267. That’s the rush. We want to get this done before the state closes (S.R.) 267.”

    Another hurdle is the three schools — Kingsway, Avon Middle School North, and Sycamore Elementary — located around C.R. 100 North and Dan Jones Road. Cannon said this project will likely impact bus routes, but added that school officials had been informed that the project was looming.

    This will be the fifth roundabout for the town and the fourth along Dan Jones Road.

    In addition, the town will also be doing some work to connect the editions of Cobblestones Springs to Beechwood along Dan Jones Road, by filling in some gaps in sidewalks. And new sidewalks along C.R. 100 North will connect the Ian’s Pointe subdivision to Avon Middle School North.

    Cannon said that there will also be a crosswalk installed at Harvest Ridge that will allow pedestrians to cross easier. He said it will include a signal activated by pedestrians looking to cross.

    The town will also begin its first trail along C.R. 100 North that will connect Harvest Ridge with Kingsway. The trail will be 10 feet wide and will include roughly 1,800 feet of path.

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